My name is Mathew Kemper Gaines, and I am the owner and broker of Gaines Land Sales. I am a 4th generation Colemanite. I have represented land owners in the sale of acreage for 20 years. I am honest and dependable and have aggressive marketing standards on local and national levels. My work ethic is a simple combination of experience, hard work, fiduciary responsibility, and generally following the Golden Rule. I am proud of the fact that I do not speculate or invest in land every time a "good deal" comes along. My goal is to help land owners get fair market value for their land. I generally try to focus on marketing properties within 100 miles of my office in Coleman; however, it's not unusual to see me out in far West Texas or in the Piney Woods of East Texas. I completely understand that not everyone needs help when it comes to selling their ranch, and that's wonderful. However, if you find yourself having more questions than answers, give me a call. I realize there are lots of real estate brokers out there, but I am confident you will like the way I do business.



Mathew Kemper Gaines

Texas Real Estate Broker # 467800




Specializing in Central Texas ranch & hunting properties.

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