41,993 acres of land sold to date.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of a successful land sale. 

Many successful closings helping landowners meet their goals. The truth is, there is no low hanging fruit in this competitive market. It usually takes a lot of extra work that most people don’t realize before anyone can go to the closing table. At Gaines Land Sales, I personally have made countless trips to area landfills getting rid of unsightly trash left behind at deer camps. I have hauled away tires, abandoned vehicles, oilfield tank batteries, old refrigerators, washers and dryers. I frequently help landowners with mowing and weed eating, spraying of weeds and spend over $200 a year just on wasp spray. I have installed more entry gates than I can recall. These are some of the small chores that are sometimes necessary to help make a property ready for the market. More simply put, if I was an elderly person and was unable to see after these duties, I could only HOPE to find a listing broker that would help take care of these items. Simply hanging a real estate sign or putting a lock on a gate is usually not enough. My biggest “pet peeve” in the real estate industry, is when a listing agent puts a combination lock on a ranch gate. A potential buyer calls wanting to see the ranch, and the listing agent will simply give the potential buyer the gate code and say “go help yourself, I'm really busy today". At Gaines Land Sales, I personally accompany everyone that enters your valuable ranch and will not give out gate codes.  

Another problem in the real estate industry is when a listing agent advertises ranch for sale but will not compensate a buyers agent fairly when the agent brings a buyer. Or in other words, will only offer to pay the buyers agent a 1.5% or 2% commission. This action is not helpful to the land owner and discourages buyers agents from showing your property. At Gaines Land Sales, if there is a cooperating broker, they can expect to be paid 1/2 of the full sales commission when they bring the buyer. This will boost market exposure of your property.  

Occasionally, some listing agents will even lie and explain that a property has been SOLD or is off the market when contacted by a Buyer's agent that hopes to show your ranch. A viable buyer could be lost all in the name of a listing agent that doesn't wish to share a sales commission. Sadly, these are just a couple of the missteps that happen daily in the real estate industry. This kind of behavior is against the law according to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

I am actively searching for new listings to sell. I do not list real estate inside of the city limits. I have truly specialized in Farm, Ranch and Hunting properties since 1999. So, if you are interested in Selling a ranch, ask more questions, get informed, expect more. I would love to have the opportunity to serve you. However, if you decide to hire another Real Estate company, at least hire a Specialized Broker that lives in the same area as your ranch and will make themselves available to show your ranch when the need arises. 

Have you tried to sell your ranch without much luck?

Call Gaines Land Sales and watch me go the extra mile….


Mathew Kemper Gaines