43,449 acres of land sold to date.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of a successful land sale. 
​Many successful closings helping Landowners meet their goals. The truth is, there is no low hanging fruit in this competitive business. It usually takes a lot of extra work before anyone can go to the closing table. Simply hanging a real estate sign on a fence is usually not enough. Since 1999, I have chosen to specialize as an agent to Sellers of farm and ranch land. So unfortunately, I do not list properties in town, just acreage. My clients have come to expect a high level of service. Helping landowners get a ranch prepared for the market is instrumental to a good marketing campaign and will affect your bottom line. I will help you through this complicated process. Something as simple as hauling off an abandoned camper left behind at a deer camp will make a positive impact to buyers. Getting your ranch exposed to as many buyers as possible is a paramount concern to me and I happily encourage all buyer's representatives to bring their qualified buyers to see your ranch. I will accompany everyone that enters your ranch and will not give out your gate codes. The nature of hiring a “listing agent” means having someone that will put your needs first. Too many listing agents these days will not even make an effort to show potential buyers your ranch. This is a basic level of service that should be expected. They will simply give them your gate code and say, “go look at it yourself. Land prices are on the rise and in my experience, all landowners have a next-door neighbor that wants to buy your ranch at a discounted price. Be informed, I can assist you with a free CMA as well as free mapping services to help you figure out just how many acres are in that back pasture you have considered selling. These are just a couple of instances where it's important to have an experienced ranch broker on your team. I welcome you to call 325-625-9001 anytime and I will be honored to help.​


Mathew Kemper Gaines