My name is Mathew Kemper Gaines and I am the owner and broker of Gaines Land Sales. I am a 4th generation Colemanite with a strong since of community and have volunteered with numerous civic organizations over the years. I have a passion for the “The Great Outdoors” as well as helping people. So the adage “choose a job you love and you will never work another day in your life” holds true for me. My hobbies include kayaking, fishing, camping, cooking, music, wildlife photography, and simply sitting in the backyard watching the humming bird feeders with a glass of wine. I am a full time real estate broker and I have represented land owners in the sale of acreage since 1999. I generally focus on the marketing area within a 100 miles of my office in Coleman, however it is not unusual to see me out in far West Texas or in the Piney Woods of East Texas. My work ethic is a simple combination of experience, hard work, fiduciary responsibility, and generally following the Golden Rule. Are you interested purchasing a ranch? Find yourself having more questions than answers? Give me a call anytime, I will be honored to help, even if it is just for some free advice.